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Munich, October 2018: Panasonic Industry has launched its technology portfolio for SPS IPC Drives 2018. The Systems & Solutions business division demonstrated industry-leading innovations and components in the area of automation at booth 4A-341 from 27 to 29 November. The company will exhibited its core competencies in areas such as safety technology, energy management and efficiency over an area of just under 190 square metres. “As a partner for industry, we focus our attention on the value creation chain, safety and industrial communication for Industry 4.0. As a partner for smart, safe and digital automation, we offer customers tailored consultancy and service portfolios in addition to a wide range of innovative products – both of which will a main focus of our trade fair portfolio for SPS IPC Drives 2018,” said Johannes Spatz, President of Panasonic Industry Europe.

Visitors  witnessed groundbreaking exhibits, took part in demonstrations and met with experts. A particular highlight at the booth was the exhibition of the WARR Hyperloop Pods – the team from the Technical University of Munich won the Hyperloop Pod Competition in summer 2018, which was launched at the initiative of Elon Musk. Laser sensors from Panasonic Industry were instrumental in delivering the safety of the pod. Together with other product demonstrations, Panasonic Industry displayed its expertise in the area of safety and smart solutions, both of which are pivotal topics in the modern production and processing industries for addressing the rising complexity in production processes.

SF4D – seamless maintenance and parametrisation for point of operation guarding

Unguarded, moving parts represent a hazard at the man-machine interface in the area of mechanical and hydraulic presses, compression moulding machinery, punching, forming, rivet and eyelet systems as well as other automechanical assembly systems. Safety light curtains offer a vital protection mechanism in this respect and their proper operation and regular maintenance is invaluable. Thanks to our own free software developed in-house, light curtains in the SF4D series can check for incorrect cable wiring, disconnection and short circuit as well as the reliability of internal circuits. What’s more, the ELCA function allows unwanted machine downtime owing to extraneous light to be prevented and calibrated accordingly. The customary M12 connector found on the market guarantees fast and uncomplicated installation.

HG-C series – extremely compact and reliable distance sensor

The HG-C series from Panasonic Industry opens up a host of new opportunities for industrial automation, including positioning of robotic arms, thickness and position measurement of belt material, presence detection of the smallest products or recognition of overlaps in the thinnest materials. These measurements can be performed both statically and dynamically.

The KG-C sensor is unique on the market for laser sensors thanks to a repeatability of 10μm and a response time of 1.5 ms. With dimensions of just W20 x H44 x D25 mm, this sensor offers high-end performance in a compact package. Five measuring ranges (100 mm ± 35 mm, 50 mm ± 15 mm and 30 mm ± 5 mm) are available depending on the model with a measurement resolution of 10 μm to 70 μm. The built-in display supports setup and operation.

DP-100 series – highly accurate miniature manometer with M8 connector type

The digital miniature manometers in the DP-100 series are ideal for highly accurate measurement and monitoring of air pressure and non-corrosive gases in an array of industrial applications. Special features of the digital manometer include the dual LCD display for measured values and threshold values and the data copy function. Not only can the displayed measured values or settings be read easily with the new three-colour, 12-segment LCD display, rather also the operating status (green or red for signal output ON / OFF operation) and setting status (orange) can also be easily distinguished. The data copy function allows the setting to be made on a sensor and transmitted with ease to other sensors. The adjustable response times (2.5 – 5,000 ms) mean that dynamic pressure changes can be recorded but also that undesired, abrupt pressure fluctuations owing to abnormal drops in pressure can be ignored.

FX-500 series – the safest solution in the field of fibre optic sensors

Fibre optic sensors allow measurements to be taken in environments that are beyond the limits of electric sensors. Unlike electrical measuring methods, the strictly optical measuring method is completely immune to environmental influences, since light is the basis for supplying the sensor and transmitting the measurement signal. These sensors are also small, largely corrosion-resistant and extremely reliable against high electric voltages and magnetic fields as well as temperatures.

The self-monitoring sensor from Panasonic Industry is able to report sensor data and its own status to the host device via an IO-Link master, enabling timely analysis and maintenance of the sensor as well as identification of problems. Not only are aspects such as maintenance and safety of paramount importance in this respect but also technical performance. The FX-500 achieves a response time of 25µs and at the same time offers extremely high precision. Moreover, the reliability of detection has increased by 75 percent compared with earlier models.

MINAS A6 servo drives – minimum space requirement and costs paired with maximum safety

Safe drive monitoring has been a mandatory requirement for companies since the introduction of the European Machinery Directive in 2009. This means that drives therefore have to be able to perform more and more of the safety-related functions. However these functions cannot be handled by conventional safety controllers. What’s more, machine safety to date has been associated with high costs and increased space requirements.

Panasonic Industry is addressing such design criteria with the MINAS A6 servo drive. The full version will be on view for the first time at SPS, including a total of 17 safety functions and nine safe inputs and outputs. This makes Panasonic the only provider to offer practically all safety functions.

FP0H compact controller – ultra-compact PLC with two Ethernet interfaces

The FP0H from Panasonic Industry is a compact controller, which rounds off the comprehensive PLC portfolio optimally by shifting the focus towards communication and connectivity. Thanks to two Ethernet interfaces, which serve as switches, data can now be shared via Ethernet. The CPU is able to communicate with different types of devices simultaneously, with support offered for the following protocols: Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, MEWWTOCOL and MC protocol. FTP client and server functions are likewise available.

This high-speed Ethernet bus for automation is especially suitable for highly dynamic single and multiple-axis positioning tasks. Assembly and connection are conceivably simple, while high fail-safe reliability is assured thanks to a ring circuit. Wiring is realised simply on the basis of Ethernet CST5e standard cables with a distance of up to 100 metres between the modules.

About Panasonic Industry Europe
Panasonic has been the global market leader in the development of innovative technologies and solutions for the electronics industry for 100 years. On a global scale, the portfolio includes the growing B2B business area with solutions for sectors such as home automation, mobility, industry and entertainment electronics. The Panasonic Group has some 591 subsidiaries and 88 associate companies around the globe and recorded consolidated net sales of YEN 7982 trillion / EUR 61.6 billion in the last financial year (ending 31 March 2018). As part of the Group, Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH offers a host of important electronic components, devices and modules through to complete solutions and production facilities for production lines for customers throughout Europe in a number of sectors. More:


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