PTC Webinar

Powerful Industrial Applications That Accelerate Digital Transformation

Competitive pressures and demands for better financial performance are requiring manufacturers around the world to accelerate digital transformation across all levels of their businesses. Rockwell Automation and PTC have a long history of successfully leading industrial businesses on their journey of digital transformation. Through a newly formed strategic partnership, both companies are combining resources, technologies, and industry expertise to more seamlessly serve your industrial business now and into the future.

Rob Patterson, VP of Strategic Marketing, PTC, and Andrew Ellis, Manager, Information Software Consultants, Rockwell Automation, as they discuss how this combined solution provides:

Understanding of industrial applications and real time data by automating the advanced analytics to positively impact plant floor performance.

Scalable and connected technologies — from edge to device to cloud – that can quickly wrap and extend existing technology and assets to optimize performance
Revolutionary ease of use to extend existing technology for industrial apps and augmented reality experiences.

Learn how the combined resources, technologies and industry expertise of Rockwell Automation and PTC can accelerate your digital transformation in the factory.

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