Agility, Innovation and Profitability for Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Thursday 11th April 2019 14:00-15:50

The executive roundtables form a key part of the Industry 4.0 Summit programme on Day Two.

With a maximum of 12 people around each table, these discussions offer the chance to really share your experiences, benchmark your progress and get new ideas for how to move your company forward. The roundtables are professionally moderated by Crystal Interactive and make use of state of the art brainstorming technology.

Each table will have a designated topic (see below) and will be moderated by an industry expert.

To attend the Executive Roundtables you will need to be a registered Summit Delegate click here to book your place.

Topic 1: Information is Power
Smarter, more effective use of data can increase your capacity to create and deliver innovative products but how do we enable collaboration between OEM’s and suppliers while protecting data security?

Topic 2: Data overload on the Factory Floor, harnessing the Internet of things
Automation, robotics and cloud computing hold promise for great leaps in productivity and quality control but what are the pro’s and con’s of a totally connected and sensor-laden production line? What insights do both OEMs and suppliers have for harnessing IOT?

Topic 3: Agility and flexibility in Manufacturing
Digital connectivity and data sharing across value chains will increase supply and demand visibility, driving unprecedented agility into the supply chain. What examples of technology or best-practice adoption offer guidance for the future? What can we learn from start-ups that could be applied to existing long-term programs?

Topic 4: Better Business Development for Improved Profitability
Companies must drive out cost to compete effectively, while addressing the growing cost and complexity of integrating new technologies to improve performance and meet demand. How does a company turn factory floor improvements into business development improvements? How can existing programs become more profitable?

Topic 5: Enabling collaboration for enhanced innovation
Many OEM’s have long-standing, experienced and knowledgeable workforces, but how can they capture, protect and leverage that knowledge? How do we enable collaboration across what were previously functional boundaries e.g. Product Development and Manufacturing?

Topic 6: Voice of the Supplier 4.0 – How to Transform Supply Chain into Value Network
Collaborative partnerships will enable organisations to learn and enhance their position in the value chain but how can you have fully effective collaboration in a competitive commercial environment?

To attend the Executive Roundtables you will need to be a registered Summit Delegate click here to book your place.

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