KAP IT (iObeya)

iObeya, the enterprise platform for all visual management practices, is a visual team collaboration solution for Lean and Agile companies. iObeya safeguards the human interaction of paper-based meeting rituals through an immersive, life-like user experience. Its unique team-based approach and collaboration features empower global teams to increase productivity, boost creativity and enhance decision-making.
iObeya accelerates the transition from paper to digital, enabling enterprises to deploy their Visual Management systems and practices on the factory floor, in project management offices and at the C-level. Created in 2012 with the automobile manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, the solution now boasts over 250,000 users in numerous industries across 30 countries worldwide.
Specifically for Industry 4.0, our latest major release, iObeya 4 features a new QCD solution package specifically for integrated performance management in operations.
iObeya unlocks the power of Visual Management for the strategic transformation and cultural change that is integral to the success of the Lean Enterprise, Industry 4.0, Agile@Scale and Digital Workplace.
Learn more at (www.iobeya.com) and follow iObeya on Twitter @iObeya.