Elen Parry

Elen Parry

MSc Industrial Digitalisation student, Manchester Metropolitan University
International Student Ambassador and Women in Leadership Ambassador, AutoDesk
Ambassador and Design Consultant, Print City
Design Lead, Infant Prosthetics Research Project

Elen is a product designer and aims to reduce exclusion and improve lives – both physically and socially – through her work. Elen’s approach incorporates human-centred design methods to create design solutions that are current and inclusive. She uses digital strategies and interconnectivity to optimise the design process and its outcomes, and is excited by both the potential for innovation in design and the bettering of our designed world. Her innovative designs for HeX headphones/hearing aids were recently featured in Design Week.

Elen is midway through her MSc in Industrial Digitalisation at Manchester Metropolitan for which she secured an Autodesk Women in Leadership scholarship. She travels extensively as part of her design and studies, recently mentoring female student ambassadors at Autodesk’s 2018 design slam in Las Vegas.

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