Within the exhibition hall we will have a special 100 seater auditorium. Here visitors to the exhibition will be able to view 20 presentations from technology leaders and can see how these products & systems can have an impact on their business, by improving operations & performance. The Open Technology Forum is free to attend for exhibition visitors.


  • Ben Peace Head of Manufacturing, The Knowledge Transfer Network, UK

    Ben Peace

    Head of Manufacturing, The Knowledge Transfer Network, UK

    Ben is Head of Manufacturing at the “Knowledge Transfer Network” – the UK’s Innovation Network. He worked in industry for ten years in product development – first in a university spinout, and then in a multi-national heating conglomerate. He then spent a couple of years in innovation consultancy before joining the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) in 2011.

    KTN’s mission is to stimulate innovation and join up the innovation landscape. With many thousands of members they do this by setting up effective collaborative partnerships and providing access to funding. In recent months Ben has been developing and delivering an SME outreach programme on 4th Industrial Revolution called “4Manufacturing”.

    Find out more by visiting www.ktn-uk.co.uk  • You can also follow Ben on Twitter @BenPeace

  • Andy Minturn Business Development & Strategic Product Manager, Bosch Rexroth, UK

    Andy Minturn

    Business Development & Strategic Product Manager, Bosch Rexroth, UK

    With 25 years in engineering, Andrew Minturn started his career at the Rover Group as an engineering toolmaker, working within the factory environment, manufacturing car body presses and tooling for jig assembly.

    As a skilled engineer he undertook his ONC & HNC Qualifications in Mechanical Engineering and went on to achieve a 1st class degree in Engineering Systems, studying themes of automation, control, PLCs, hydraulics & pneumatic and robotics. He began working at Bosch Rexroth in 2002, developing his knowledge in assembly technology products. With a vast amount of experience, Andrew has a detailed understanding of a number of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, General Automation, Food & Packaging, Electrical/Electronics and Medical, making him the ideal candidate for his current position as Business Development and Strategic Product Management.

    His role now involves working in all the fields listed above, especially aerospace, developing Bosch Rexroth’s business strategy and products alike. Specialising in assembly technologies, he also plays a significant role in implementing Industry 4.0 across the UK. He continues to assist Bosch Rexroth’s Catapult Centre Strategy to be at the cutting edge of new developments, new processes and technologies.

    For more information on Bosch Rexroth visit www.boschrexroth.com

  • Robert Auer Director Global Partner Sales, TDM Systems, Germany

    Robert Auer

    Director Global Partner Sales, TDM Systems, Germany

    Robert Auer has spent over 20 years in the technology industry focusing on factory automation, communication and lifecycle management software. Robert is a graduate engineer (communications engineering) from the   University of Applied Sciences (HTWG) in Constance (Germany) and holds a Master’s degree in international Business from the ESB Business School of the University in Reutlingen.

    At TDM Systems Robert is currently focused on global Industry 4.0 and ”factory of the future” (smart factory) solutions. Prior to this he held roles in software development (engineering), project management, sales and marketing in the automation industry and has led and delivered diverse international IT projects (focusing on Smart factory (factory automation) and Lifecycle Management solutions). He is passionate about working on solutions for the factory of the future, the next generation IT solutions for global manufacturers.

    In his current position as Manager Global Partner Sales he is responsible for the expansion of strategic partnerships within the Industry 4.0 philosophy of TDM systems, mainly focusing on Lifecycle Management, Machine Connections, CAM-Integrations and CIP.

    For more information on TDM Systems please visit www.tdmsystems.com

  • Cathie Hall Chief Business Officer, K3 Syspro, UK

    Cathie Hall

    Chief Business Officer, K3 Syspro, UK

    Cathie Hall is Chief Business Officer of business solutions provider K3.

    The K3 Syspro division, part of the K3 group, is a leading supplier of SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to the UK and Europe.  Joining K3 6 years ago, Cathie brings to the company over 15 years’ experience working with business technology – including running her own consultancy and being a SYSPRO customer herself.

    During this time Cathie worked closely with businesses in the manufacturing and distribution sectors to help them better leverage enterprise systems to servitize business models and deliver greater value to customers. During her time as MD of K3 Syspro, Cathie established the K3 Syspro skills academy and invested heavily in the company’s products and people. 

    For more details on K3 Syspro visit www.k3syspro.com

  • Steve Wilkinson Chief Technology Officer, Cimlogic, UK

    Steve Wilkinson

    Chief Technology Officer, Cimlogic, UK

    Steve Wilkinson is the Chief Technology Officer for Cimlogic, empowering some of the largest manufacturers in the world to become World Class Manufacturers, enabling the continual improvement of their production methodology.

    Steve enables manufacturers to achieve objectives such as: improving supply chain visibility; improving efficiency; increasing quality; meeting regulatory compliance; improving product genealogy and traceability; reducing energy costs and becoming an enterprise wide ‘LEAN’ manufacturing operation. Steve is able to scale this technology, so that SMEs can also benefit from the Industry 4.0 technologies that are available and emerging.

    Steve first began his career with Cimlogic 11 years ago as a Control Systems Engineer; in 2012, he moved into the role of Solutions Architect. Steve holds a BSc in Physics with Electronics and Instrumentation, and an MSc by Research – Digital Image Processing, both from Leeds University.

    His role within Cimlogic, involves setting the technological roadmap for Cimlogic and its customers. Steve works within sectors such as Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Chemical and Petrochemical and Animal Nutrition.

    For more information on Cimlogic visit www.cimlogic.co.uk

  • Andrew Steele Managing Director, FORCAM, UK

    Andrew Steele

    Managing Director, FORCAM, UK

    Andrew Steele is leading the charge for increased productivity in the UK & Ireland. The manufacturing engineer has worked for notable UK engineering giants such as Rolls Royce, Meggitt and Smiths Group. Andrew has been responsible for managing many engineering and aerospace projects both in the UK and abroad. Thus, he is the perfect spearhead for the campaign to close the productivity gap to other G8 nations. Andrew Steele is a sought after speaker at manufacturing events as an expert for Industry 4 and manufacturing productivity.

    FORCAM is rapidly growing in the UK & Ireland: Aside from projects in aerospace and automotive manufacturing, FORCAM is also expanding to the Irish medical device industry. Headed up from the Warwickshire office in Rugby, the UK office is responsible for operations and projects across the UK and Ireland, as well as the Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia and Scandinavia.

    For further details go to www.forcam.com

  • Matti Tiano CEO & Co-Founder, Visual Factories, Israel

    Matti Tiano

    CEO & Co-Founder, Visual Factories, Israel

    Using practical as well as deep business understanding of manufacturing operations and processes, Matti has led the development of an innovative manufacturing operations management approach, supported by cloud-based software and methods, called PIM (Performance Improvement Management).

    An expert at measuring performance process improvement before and after implementation, Matti guides the delivery of accurate and measurable high-value outcomes for customers in a broad range of industries.

    As CEO of Visual Factories, which provides out-of-the-box Industry 4.0 solutions, Matti focuses on empowering and expanding the PIM product value proposition, reducing barriers, and making innovative technologies and ideas accessible to his customers. In particular, Matti is skilled at linking present manufacturing needs and challenges to future technologies and methods that can lead to effective long-term solutions.

    With over 15 years of experience selling technology to global manufacturers, Matti is a veteran of substantial process improvement projects who knows how to engineer ‘win-win’ situations for the benefit of all.

    For more details on Visual Factories click here.

  • Dan Riley Managing Director, Spearhead Interacive, UK

    Dan Riley

    Managing Director, Spearhead Interacive, UK

    Dan Riley is the founder and Managing Director of Spearhead Interactive, a multi-award winning emerging technology agency and digital production studio based in North-East England. With more than a decade of experience working at the forefront of Virtual World and real-time rendering sectors across academia and the private sector, Dan has focussed on leveraging immersive and interactive solutions to solve commercial business challenges; and has grown Spearhead Interactive into a world leader in advanced data visualisation using 3D technologies.

    Established in February 2013 the business has completed more than 70 projects for clients operating in more than sixteen sectors across the world, as far apart as Brazil and Singapore.

    Aside from managing the growth of Spearhead Interactive, Dan’s remit also includes concept creation, user experience design, business development and conducting high level R&D into the core theory underpinning the technology; trend analysis, industry milestones, development pipelines, user psychology (game theory and immersion mechanics) and, in the case of Spearhead Virtual Reality solutions, user physiology.

    Spearhead Interactive is best known for the range of innovative solutions created at the forefront of possibility, their focus on solving challenges for commercial clients, and their early investments in bleeding edge hardware; In turn enabling a world-class capability in creating interactive and immersive PC, mobile, augmented, virtual and mixed reality solutions, with additional capability for integration of smart sensors and IoT chips – taking immersive and interactive software past the visual and the functional and into the operational, with drastic implications for Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and Factories of the Future concepts.

    For more information on Spearhead Interative click here.

  • Mike Loughran Senior Manager Architecture & Software, Rockwell Automation, UK

    Mike Loughran

    Senior Manager Architecture & Software, Rockwell Automation, UK

    Mike Loughran has been working in the field of Manufacturing and Industrial Automation since graduating from Liverpool John Moores University with a B.Eng Hons Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree over 20 years ago. In this time he has worked with a many blue chip and SME companies in both manufacturing and infrastructure to help them streamline, automate and optimise their production environments. He has a passion for working with companies to help them shape the future of UK manufacturing for the better.

    Throughout his career he has worked in a number of differing industries where he has helped them set out their automation strategy, how they can balance obsolesce versus innovation to unlock the potential of integration of new and existing technology to create a smart factory which can help  to drive increased overall business profitability.

    Mike is currently the UK & Ireland manager for Rockwell Automation Architecture and Software division.

    For more information on Rockwell Automation visit http://www.rockwellautomation.com/en_UK

  • Simon Goodwin Managing Director, Weidmuller UK

    Simon Goodwin

    Managing Director, Weidmuller UK

    Simon Goodwin joined leading electronics and electrical connectivity company, Weidmüller UK, as its new Managing Director on December 1, 2015He has overall responsibility for the provision of strategic leadership and overseeing all of Weidmuller’s activities in the UK and Ireland. In particular, he is focussed on developing business in the fields of industrial automation and solutions, factory automation and device manufacturing

    Simon has a wealth of experience with previous successful management appointments at renowned global companies such as Omron Electronics, B+R Industrial Automation and IMO.

    For further information on Weidmuller visit www.weidmueller.com

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