VIX Suite launches to revolutionise the future of digital design, review and creation at Industry 4.0 Expo and Summit

A new software ecosystem has launched and is set to revolutionise product design, review and creation, connecting all operations and bringing them to life in the virtual space to save time, cost and enhance accuracy.

The platform is called VIX Suite and comprises of seven modules, of which VIX Cube, VIX Build and VIX Assist will be unveiled at the Industry 4.0 Summit and Expo in Manchester on 10th and 11th April.

This has been created by visualisation experts Holovis, whose software and data team have developed the proprietary software and its emerging technology engineers have created the physical platforms that allow engineers and manufacturers to interact with their virtual data in the real world.

At the show, visitors will first experience VIX Cube, a two stage data validation process against the Class A surface data and the production tooling geometry. Within a tracked space, Machine Augmented Reality brings the CAD model to life and allows engineers to explore the real-time visualisation and accurately tag surface data with comments. High accuracy is guaranteed due to the robust geometrical data integrity. Comments are instantly collated into a database and automatically sent to the respective teams to action. Global teams can collaborate in real-time by logging into the same data sets and annotating in tandem.

VIX Cube has been designed to replace physical engineering cube models by bringing the dataset to life virtually. This saves costs of approx. £690,000 per vehicle programme, approx. 13 weeks of time and the accuracy of the data is enhanced with no room for misinterpretation, as it is tagged directly against the CAD underly.

Once the final model has been agreed, the data is transferred into the VIX Build package. This is a virtual manufacturing tool that uses Augmented Reality to overlay CAD data on to physical parts to verify tooling, sealant and anti-flutter applications and the position of rivets, holes and flanges. This increases the ‘right first time’ ratio, avoids rework calls and enables the user to see if they have built in accordance with the signed off design intent. Bespoke applications are created for each assembly line as a fully manual or automated solution.

The final module launching at the show is VIX Assist. This augments virtual data over physical products, machines or parts to access interactive tutorials for service and maintenance. This saves time instead of trying to locate the physical manual, reduces the mean time to fix and can escalate problems in real-time from the device, alerting a specialist engineer instantly.

Linda Duggan, Virtual Manufacturing Portfolio Manager at Holovis explains:

The VIX Suite platform can be utilised throughout the entire product lifecycle, from design to engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, service and maintenance, streamlining operations, connecting teams and ensuring each process flows effortlessly into the next. By connecting and collecting data in this way, manufacturers and engineers can analyse and learn from the results, optimising their time and ultimately saving money, whether that be on rework costs or reduction in physical models being created.”


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