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Day One – Wednesday 10 April 2019

Morning Sessions

Decrease your production costs, reduce cycle times, improve quality and reliability and reduce waste using Industrial Robotics Applications
All about robotics technology and its application in the industrial workplace from remote control to AI, and across all sectors from aerospace to automotive, machine tooling to process. Understand more about how you can select and implement the best robotics solution in your plant to gain efficient and effective results.

10:00-10:15 Eliminate production downtime due to communication cable failure within a robot
Martin Costin, Specialist Products Team, SMC

10:15-10:30 Automated Intelligent Vehicles, the evolution of factory intralogistics for 4IR
Dan Rossek, Product and Marketing Manager, OMRON

10:30-10:45 Parker Hannifin Brings Robotic Exoskeleton to Life with Digital Manufacturing
Anastasios Pantelis, Application Engineer, PROTOLABS

How manufacturers become more Industry 4.0 Compliant with Lean 4.0
Greater Productivity, more Profitable growth and better Cash Flow are achieved after creating a digital twin of the manufacturing processes. Used to model how processes are linked and synchronised in a flow, traditional go-stop-go-stop is eliminated to reduce lead times from weeks to days or hours.

11:00 – 11:15 How manufacturers become more Industry 4.0 Compliant with Lean 4.0
Michael Morris, Director UK Operations, MAESTRO BUSINESS

How to reduce costs and down-time through effective Predictive Maintenance
Gain insights into choosing and implementing the right predictive maintenance technologies. Understand how to directly monitor the condition and performance of equipment during normal operations to reduce the likelihood of failures, and calculate the cost savings.

11:15-11:30 #Simoldes4.0 – Intelligent System for Plastic Injection Mold. An efficient mold with advanced data acquisition systems. The mold communicates through a global network, on the principle of Industry 4.0, with integration of production and instrumentation technologies
António Baptista, Technology Innovation and Intelligence, Associação POOL-NET

11:30-11:45 PrintCity a 3D printing revolution
Prof. Craig Banks, Faculty Head of Research & Knowledge Exchange, Academic Lead, PRINTCITY

Get to grips with how Big Data can revolutionise your operation
How can you accurately collect and mine valuable information about your manufacturing process? Data that can provide insights including hidden patterns, unknown correlations, trends and customer references to help you make informed business decisions that may even lead to new business models and revenue streams.

12:00-12:15 Turning Small Data to Big Data: How to connect the long tail of UK Manufacturers
Dolores Sanders, Strategic Director, TOTAL CONTROL PRO

12:15-12:30 Case Study
Paul Finney, HOSOKAWA MICRON & Paul Diggle, SIEMENS

12:30-12:45 Building Model-Driven Organisations: Smarter Business through Artificial Intelligence
Paul W. Doucas III, Chief Operating Officer, ELUTIONS

Afternoon Sessions

Insights into the real business applications for Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR)
How can VR & AR revolutionise manufacturing? Get to grips with a real technology that can be used in assembly and maintenance (replacing manuals) and provides time saving and efficient support to operatives. As virtual and augmented technology becomes sophisticated, the cost-saving and business applications will expand.

14:00-14:15 AR & VR helping your business today: XpertEye, Advanced Remote Collaboration
Julien Develle, Head of Sales, AMA

14:15-14:30 Exploiting the Digital Twin – Visualisation
Chris Abbott, Business Development – Product Engineering Solutions, SIEMENS INDUSTRY SOFTWARE

14:30-14:45 Holding back the tide – what’s holding AR back in the workplace?
Hugh O’Neill, Business Development and Innovation Manager, TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN

Gain more efficient, affordable and easy ways to optimise processes through wider Connectivity
Increased connectivity through Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices is transforming the manufacturing industry, allowing companies to monitor and act upon data flowing between machines, devices and people. Take time to really understand how you can make the data work for you, and where and why increased connectivity is important for your company.

15:00-15:15 15 OEM and connectivity using the MindSphere
Martin Robbins, Global Business Development Manager, 3M

15:15-15:30 Case Study; Digital Transformation is the new, connected, assembly line
Paul D Merry, Workforce & Digital Transformation Principal, DELL TECHNOLOGIES

15:30-15:45 The journey from IIoT to BI through smart integration

16:00-16:15 Taking connectivity to the next level
Jens Skoedt, Chief Business Developer, GRUNDFOS A/S

16:15-16:30 How connecting intelligent tooling and advanced analytics can drive superior quality in the Smart Factory
Michael Pritchard, ATLAS COPCO

16:30-16:45 Where are we on the journey to sell machines as a service (MAS)?
John Pritchard, Managing Director, M.A.C. SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD

Day Two – Thursday 11 April 2019

Morning Sessions

Capturing value through Automation right now, and in the future
Over the past twenty years, automation in manufacturing has been transforming factory floors. Today, a new era of automation involving robotics, AI and machine learning, is enabling machines to match or outperform humans in a range of shop floor activities. What is automation making possible with current technology? What is it going to make possible as the technology continues to evolve? How do you begin to decide where and how much to automate, in order to best capture value from automation over the long term?

10:00-10:15 Artificial Intelligence for Digital Industries
Daniel Smalley, Product Manager SCADA, SIEMENS DIGITAL FACTORY

10:15-10:30 Automation 4.0 – smarter productivity today, and tomorrow
Steve Sands, Product Management and Marketing, FESTO

10:30-10:45 Fostering international advanced manufacturing R&D&I
Aritz Arteche, Programme Coordinator, SMART EUREKA

10:45-11:00 Automate your Electrical Design
Steve Graham, UK Country Manager, WSCAD GmbH

Monitor, control and improve operations using new Sensor technology
Smart sensors are one of the cheapest technologies to implement to achieve greater efficiency in your plant. A multitude of sensors can pour data into your systems and build up a real-time picture of operations at all times. Sensors enable you to monitor, control and improve operations with data-backed insights, from predicting predict equipment failure and triggering maintenance protocols, to automatically logging data for historical records and regulatory compliance.

11:15-11:30 Multi-wave Light Sensor Technology for Closed-loop In-process Quality Control to Enable Industry 4.0
Dr Pasquale Franciosa and Prof Darek Ceglarek, WMG, International Automotive Research Centre, UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK

11:30-11:45 Integration of scanning technologies, computer vision, tracking systems and Augmented Reality to support quality automation in automotive manufacturing
Henry Chow, Transformation Consultant, HOLOVIS

Industry 4.0 for SMEs
How to get Industry 4.0 for less? A series of targeted presentations demonstrating how small incremental investments in carefully chosen technologies can make a huge difference for SMEs without going for expensive enterprise wide solutions.

12:00-12:15 Work Smarter – practical ways to introduce IIoT
Luke Walsh, Managing Director, BRAINBOXES

12:15-12:30 How to get started on your IoT, Smart Factory, Industry 4.0 Project
Andrew Rice, Operations and Quality Director, OEESYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL

12:30-12:45 Cheap Learning, Not Deep Learning: Rapid Return of Value at the start of your ML Journey
Dr Eric Topham, CEO & Data Science Director, THE DATA ANALYSIS BUREAU (T-Dab)

12:45-13:00 You CAN digitize your supply and demand management for 0 pounds!
Martin Vares, CEO & Co-founder, FRACTORY

Afternoon Sessions

Delivering speed, scale and accuracy to manufacturing operations through Cloud computing
Cloud computing delivers more speed, scale and accuracy to manufacturing operations. It is now transforming every aspect of modern manufacturing from how you operate, integrate into supply chains, design and make products. Find out more about how cloud computing can help you to innovate, reduce costs, and increase your competitiveness.

14:00-14:15 Business Cloud Analytics
Joao Osorio, CEO, APPOLO

14:15-14:30 Distributed processes and service automation for supply chain integration
Dr Cesar Marin, Senior Computer Scientist, INFORMATION CATALYST

Practical views on the myriad benefits of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) from site & inventory management, to enhanced industrial safety and the optimisation of logistics and the supply chain
The IIOT incorporates machine learning and big data technologies to harness the sensor data, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and automation technologies that have existed in industrial settings for years. How is it working in reality and how far can you take it?

14:45-15:00 IoT Enables Digital Transformation
Pete Thompson, Managing Director, INVISIBLE SYSTEMS

15:00-15:15 IoT Gateway – Digital Manufacturing gets dirty
Paul Streatfield, Strategic Project Manager, BOSCH REXROTH

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The Open Technology Forum is a 80-seat theatre located in the Expo Hall, where visitors can listen in on free-to-attend presentations from experts eager to share their experience and knowledge on how to improve manufacturing operations in the digital age.

For the last couple of years the Open Technology Forum (OTF) has proved to be a great way for companies to present their technology solutions to visitors at the Expo. It also allows visitors to drop in and out of sessions as the walk around the Expo.

For 2019, the OTF will focus on key technologies and industries that are delivering on the Industry 4.0 promise; whether top down, or incrementally through a step by step approach towards an increasingly automated shop floor. The presentations are designed to give you real insight, directly from the experience of another industry professional.

They will feature:

• Over 30 Case studies
• Hard won lessons learned
• Pitfalls to avoid
• Ideas for next steps
• Q&A

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