• Can you give an overview of your conference topic/session? Why is this an important topic to discuss?

There will be an enormous increase of robotics, digitalised production but still: the creative part will be done by human beings. Jobs will change, the nature of work will change but humans will still be in the centre of the production.

  • What can attendees expect to learn and discover from your session?

Participation of all who are involved in the production process is needed. An appropriate-modern approach of the way to organize industrial production, to organize research and development. Workers’ participation for the benefit of all, business and labour is key for the future of manufacturing industry in Europe.

  • What do you think is the biggest issue being faced / discussed in your industry at the moment?

Energy (shortage, supply, environmental friendliness), access to raw material, waste management.

  • What is the biggest lesson you learned in 2016?

Be prepared for Plan B and even better Plan C and be relaxed when watching the polls.

  • What do you think the biggest challenge for the industry will be in 2017?

Global trade relations.

  • What innovative measures should the industry adopt in the next few years to ensure market sustainability and growth?

Deal with the most pressures issues: Energy and Mobility, joining forces-increase cooperation.  

  • Why do you think events like Industry 4.0 Summit are important for the industry?

Yes, very much so, gets actors together, platform for exchanging ideas. Hopefully with practical results.