• 19th July 2018
    Reply offers industrial companies a broad range of agile Industrie 4.0 solutions to make manufacturing and production processes flexible and connected. With over 20 years of experience in leveraging technology and data in a manufacturing and logistics cont...... Read More
  • 19th June 2018
    Industrie 4.0 at Mercedes-Benz: The Next Step in the Industrial Revolution - Oliver Geißel, Manager Equipment Planning Methods, Daimler AG. Virtual worlds within one'S reach - Augmented Reality [embed]https://youtu.be/4ue4Gw1A67c[/embed]... Read More
  • 19th June 2018
    Renault Trucks, working with Immersion, the European leader in virtual reality and augmented reality, will be starting the first phase of testing a new, faster and more reliable quality control process using mixed reality in January 2018 at its Lyon engine ...... Read More
  • 11th May 2018
    There is currently a general understanding that Industry 4.0 refers to the “digitalisation” of a business’s infrastructure, but there has yet to be any consistent standards or definitions applied to what remains an arguably vague concept for businesses worl...... Read More

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